Education that promotes safe, legal, and equitable access to psychedelics.

We offer programs for everyone from clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in learning more about psychedelics. Embracing an equity-based approach we respect and acknowledge the Indigenous heritage of psychedelic medicines.

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Why Choose School of Psychedelics Courses?

Enroll in our seminars, courses, and training programs to:

  • Gain insights into the history of psychedelics, including Canada's contributions.

  • Address inquiries about the safety and efficacy of psychedelic treatments.

  • Understand various psychedelic therapy methods.

  • Interpret clinical trial results and adhere to recommended practices.

  • Consider the integration of psychedelic-supported therapies into your professional setting.

  • Earn continuing education credits (CE/CME), subject to eligibility.

What’s available at MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics?

  • Interactive Courses & Training

    Experience immersive learning with hands-on courses led by industry experts.

  • Engaging Seminars

    Learn through seminars with industry leaders. Engage in meaningful discussions and expand your understanding through case studies.

  • Informative Webinars

    Watch our webinars for the latest in psychedelic research and therapy. Learn from home with expert-led sessions packed with valuable insights.

  • Enlightening Podcasts

    Enjoy in-depth interviews and discussions anytime, anywhere with our enlightening podcasts.

  • Rich Resource Library

    Explore our extensive library of research materials and multimedia. Access a wealth of information essential for all.

About MAPS Canada

Our ethos is built on the cornerstone of hope – hope for healing, hope for progress, and hope for a future where mental wellness is accessible to all through the informed use of psychedelic medicines.